President proposes Timur Pradopo as national police chief candidate

Posted: Oktober 4, 2010 in Tak Berkategori

Monday, October 4, 2010 23:52 WIB | National | | Viewed 101 time(s)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has named Commisioner General Timur Pradopo as candidate for the next National Police chief to replace General Bambang Hendarso Danuri.

House Speaker Marzuki Alie said he had received the letter from the President telling about his decision to name Pradopo at around 7.30pm on Monday.

“The letter sent by President Yudhoyono to the DPR only mentions one name,” he said.
He said he immediately informed House Deputy Speakers Priyo Budi Santoso (from Golkar Party), Pramono Anung (Indonesian Democratic Party Struggle-PDIP), Anis Matta ( Prosperous Justice Party-PKS) and Taufik Kurniawan (National Mandate Party-PAN).

Marzuki said the letter would be read at the DPR plenary session on Tuesday and the DPR leadership would immediately assign House Commission III that oversees legal affairs to conduct a fit-and- proper test on him.

“In line with the rules, DPR will immediately process the candidacy through a fit-and-proper test,” he said.

He said if the results of the test were accepted by the DPR the name would be referred to the President again and based on that the President would issue a decrees to discharge the present National Police chief, General Bambang Hendarso Danuri, and appoint Commissioner General Timur Pradopo to replace him. General Bambang Hendarso Danuri is entering retirement.`

When asked about the President`s considerations for selecting Timur Pradopo Marzuki said only the President knew them.

Timur Pradopo, the chief of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Command, was promoted on Monday to the post of chief of the National Police`s Security Maintenance Agency with the rank of (three-star) commissioner general.

Marzuki believed Pradopo was chosen based on professionalism. Pradopo was born in Jombang, East Java, on January 10, 1956 and graduated from the Police Academy in 1978. (*)


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